2020 Live & Planned 5G Cities

  • Cory Hillis
  • February 03 , 2021

This is not a complete list but if you are wondering where 5G will be in 2020, here is a good start below.

As of the beginning of 2020 there are over 2,000 satellites in low orbit spraying 5G down on us.  If you are near a 5G Cell Tower the amount of radiation from overhead could be much greater.  This is why you should know if you are around 5G yet or not.

IMPORTANT NOTE: - EMF Solutions believes that 5G is horrible BUT fixable.  We believe we can live with awesome technology and still have piece of mind.  BUT it is important to note that nobody knows how high the radiation will get on earth if the FCC really allows over 100,000 low orbit 5G satellites to rain down on us.  We are fairly certain this can be remediated but we might have to remediate the satellites themselves but we will see!?

Note: The chart below reflects mid-band and high-band 5G coverage. T-Mobile released “nationwide” low-band 5G coverage on December 6, 2019.

5G Coverage In The United States By City

AT&T Sprint T-Mobile Verizon
Atlanta, GA Live Live Live Live
Atlantic City, NJ Live
Austin, TX Live
Bakersfield, CA Live
Baltimore, MD Live
Birmingham, AL Live
Boise, ID Live
Boston, MA Live Live
Bridgeport, CT Live
Buffalo, NY Live
Charlotte, NC Live Live
Chicago, IL Live Live
Cincinnati, OH Live
Cleveland, OH Live Live Live
Columbus, OH Live
Dallas-Fort Worth, TX Live Planned
Dallas, TX Live Live Live
Dayton, OH Live
Denver, CO Live
Des Moines, IA Live
Detroit, MI Live Live
Erie, PA Live
Flint, MI Live
Frederick, MD Live
Grand Rapids, MI Live
Greensboro, NC Live
Hampton Roads, VA Live
Hoboken, NJ Live
Houston, TX Live Live Live
Indianapolis, IN Live Live
Jacksonville, FL Live
Kansas City, KS Live Live
King of Prussia, PA Live
Las Vegas, NV Live Live
Liberty, GA Live
Little Rock, AR Live
Los Angeles, CA Live Live Live Live
Louisville, KY Live
Memphis, TN Live
Menlo Park, CA Live
Miami, FL Live Live Live
Miami Gardens, FL Live
Milwaukee, WI Live
Minneapolis, MN Live
Modesto, CA Live
Nashville, TN Live
New Bedford, MA Live
New Orleans, LA Live
New York, NY Live Live Live Live
Oakland, CA Live
Ocean City, MD Live
Oklahoma City, OK Live
Omaha, NE Live
Orlando, FL Live
Oxnard, CA Live
Panama City, FL Live
Phoenix, AZ Live Live Live
Philadelphia, PA Live
Pittsburgh, PA Live
Providence, RI Live Live
Raleigh, NC Live
Redwood City, CA Live
Rochester, NY Live
Saint Paul, MN Live
Salt Lake City, UT Live
San Antonio, TX Live
San Bruno, CA Live
San Diego, CA Live Planned
San Francisco, CA Live
San Jose, CA Live
San Luis Obispo, CA Live
Santa Barbara, CA Live
Sioux Falls, SD Live
Spokane, WA Live
St. Louis, MO Live
Waco, TX Live
Washington, D.C. Live Live Live
West Hollywood, CA Live
Wichita, KS Live

Last updated: February 2020

Sources: att.com, sprint.com, t-mobile.com, verizon.com

Full article at:  https://www.upphone.com/learn/glossary/cellular/live-planned-5g-city-list-att-verizon-sprint-t-mobile/