Cell Phone, WiFi Router & other EMFs hurting your Mast Cell Activation Syndrome and Histamine Intolerance?

  • Cory Hillis
  • April 11 , 2022

EVERYONE is being affected by EMFs, getting DNA damage, and more, but some people are extra sensitive and seem to be more affected.  

Here's one super important syndrome or symptom of "regular" household EMF radiation which could be affecting you and your family's health in a big way.  It is possible that this info explains the "EMF Sensitivity" or "EMF Allergy" problems that some people have much more than others. 

Below are two things:  First, a link to a recent study showing that Mast Cell Activation is happening to rats.  And second, the first part of a nice summary and personal experience of a practitioner who specializes in Mast Cell Activation - Beth O'Hara, Functional Naturopathy.  She explains much in "layman" terms.


1. STUDY - "The Effects of Mobile Phone Exposure
on Mast Cells in Rat Dura Mater" - see more at http://www.intjmorphol.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/art_51_372.pdf?_ga=2.142265137.2021365408.1649698195-1228401331.1649698195 

2. GREAT SUMMARY OF INFO - see below:

Are your Cell Phone, WiFi Router and other EMFs hurting your Mast Cell Activation Syndrome and Histamine Intolerance?

MCAS Education / MCAS Root Causes

Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs) have been a topic of much debate lately, especially in regards to Mast Cell Activation Syndrome and Histamine Intolerance. Many people have been wondering – is this really a big deal?

Is my cell phone, tablet, laptop, and WiFi router really a health issue?

I didn’t quite believe it myself at first. We have a lot of technology at my house. And much of it used to be wireless. I didn’t really give it much thought until I noticed I was getting headaches in my office and in my living room at home. Then I heard Dr. Theoharides talk about it. Everything changed for me then.

I was listening to one of his practitioner webinars on Mast Cell Activation Syndrome. He talked about a study he did on rats where he was measuring mast cell release from their brains. He had them in a shielded box where they couldn’t get any EMF exposure.

Then he exposed the rats to the amount of EMF radiation that occurs when you make a cell phone call. He said the rats had immediate mast cell degranulation. This published 2019 study confirmed that EMFs cause rat brain mast cell degranulation.

Dr. Theoharides is one of the world’s top mast cell researchers. He is a hard-core scientist. There isn’t any fluff with him. So I trust his research. After I heard that talk, I hard-wired my offices at home and work so I could turn off the Wi-Fi. We also turned off the wireless devices at home.

As soon as the Wi-Fi was turned off, my headaches vanished. Just like that. It was amazing.

Then I started remembering how I’ve never been able to fall asleep if there is a laptop powered on in a bedroom.

Even if it is on sleep mode.  And how I always sleep better when I leave my cell phone outside the bedroom. I remember how I sleep much better in a cabin in the woods than in a hotel in a big city. The pieces started coming together.

I’ve been doing a deep dive on EMFs since then – for almost a year. Here is what I’ve learned.

Common Symptoms of EMF Radiation that can worsen your Mast Cell Activation Syndrome and Histamine Intolerance

  • headaches
  • fatigue
  • insomnia
  • muscle aches
  • heart palpitations
  • eye irritation
  • concentration issues
  • irritability
  • dizziness
  • depression
  • anxiety
  • nausea
  • burning, tingling or pain when touching a device
  • brain fog
  • hormone imbalances
  • urinary issues
  • gut disruptions
  • hair loss
  • certain cancers

Do you have any of these symptoms? 

Do you have any symptoms that get worse when you are using a cell phone, laptop, or tablet? Or when watching TV? Or on an airplane?

I was having dinner at a Korean restaurant with my husband at a restaurant I’d been to before. I always felt fine when I’d gone. But I usually sat closer to the door. This time we were seated near the bar.

There were 2 big screen TVs behind the bar. I was feeling chatty and happy when we walked in. We were on a date and having fun. After we sat down, though, I noticed my mood start to tank. I started feeling anxious and down.

My head started burning on the left side too. Just the left side – that was strange.

I just couldn’t seem to pull myself out of it. About halfway into our dinner, I noticed my head stopped hurting. My mood started lifting too. I looked over and saw the TVs had been turned off. I’m noticing these kinds of connections again and again with EMFs.

Another confirmation of EMF sensitivity for me came when I was visiting my sister. My bed was next to the router, which I was careful to turn off each night.

The last night, I was there I just couldn’t fall asleep. I was having a lot of pain. And it felt like my brain wouldn’t shut down. When I got up after a very restless night, I saw I had forgotten to turn the router off.