Over 1,800 EMF Studies Conclude: "EMF's Are a Global Epidemic"

  • Carolina Lagos
  • December 01 , 2022

The BioInitiative is a group of scientists and Environmental Group Leaders from all over the world who have been studying EMF dangers on humans for well over a decade.  In over 3,000 conclusive studies they have concluded that "EMF's are a Global Epidemic".

The greatest thing about the BioInitiative group is that they do not sell anything.  They are not funded by any tech or other organizations.  They collect no funding from anyone with any agenda to conclude safe or not safe.  They just report facts.

The easiest way for a new person to collect a ton of data on how EMF's affect human health is to go directly to this page which has a summary of over 1,800 studies in a very short read...

PLEASE CLICK HERE --> https://bioinitiative.org/conclusions/