Excitement about the Biggest Breakthrough in EMF history

  • Cory Hillis
  • February 04 , 2023

Excitement about the Biggest Breakthrough in EMF history


There was an Independent study done in Dallas, Texas in October 2021 which should revolutionize the way folks think about Cell Phones, Wi-Fi routers, and other common household EMF’s.


Dr Martin Pall is likely the most interviewed, respected, and experienced EMF expert in the world.  In 2013 he helped discover the only real science behind how EMF’s harm us on a Cellular level.  The Independent Lab Study of 2021 was the first to show that not only is Dr Pall correct but that EMF Solutions’ products fix the Cellular changes caused by EMF’s! 


In other words, there is a solution to the EMF problems we all now face.  We can now “have our cake and eat it too.”  We can now enjoy our wonderful technology without the unwanted consequences.

Let’s see what happened in the study.


First, Ionic radiation, such as X-Rays and Nuclear power, have long been known to damage cells and DNA.  But Non-Ionic radiation, such as Cell Phones, Wi-Fi, and even Powerlines was a mystery until 2013.  Dr Martin Pall and other Biochemists and scientists discovered the mechanism by which we are being damaged by these EMF’s and it is on a Cellular Level.  This is considered the Root Cause of these EMF’s and it is a very different process and mechanism than from Ionic Radiation.  Something called “Voltage Gated Calcium Channels” are being affected and rapidly changing Calcium levels inside of cells.  That causes depolarization (a charge in the “+” or positive direction) of the cell, Free Radical damage, Nitric Oxide issues, DNA damage, and that can lead to sleep issues, neurological issues, cardiovascular issues, infertility issues, & much more! 1


This information was the catalyst for the Independent Study of 2021.  This new study measured the Calcium Levels inside of an average of over 4,000 human cells.  When EMF radiation from a Wi-Fi router was introduced, the Cellular changes that Dr Martin Pall discovered happened again as predicted.  But the super exciting part came next.  Dr Vita Maziveyi applied EMF Solution’s product(s) to remediate the EMF’s and observed something amazing.  The Calcium Levels (the changes to the Cells) returned to normal levels! 




For the first time in history there are EMF products which are now proven to work.  The cellular changes and problems, that Dr Martin Pall helped discover, have now been solved.  This is great news for everyone on earth since we are all now exposed to gigantic amounts of radiowave and microwave radiation from cell phones, cell towers, low orbit 5G satellites, Smart Meters, Wi-Fi routers, computers, Bluetooth devices, SCADA poles, tablets, Solar power, & more.




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