Declining Population happening in which countries? Many! And why???

  • Cory Hillis
  • January 23 , 2023

It has been shown that regular household EMF exposure has a negative effect on sperm count, sperm motility, a woman's egg health, and reproductive health in a potentially huge, biblical way.

Dr Berrie Trower, retired physicist from the Secret Service and British Navy, is one of those sounding the alarm in a big way.  According to Dr Trower, the most affected seem to be the eggs of a child in the womb, and most so in the first trimester.  These eggs, or what become eggs, do NOT have the ability to repair the massive amounts of DNA damage said to happen as a result of EMFs.  So this horrific news means that we won't find out how bad EMFs are affecting reproductive health until our newborn babies try to have kids of their own one day in 15 to 40 years from now. 

Is there any evidence that these problems are already happening?  Maybe so in a big way.  Men in modern societies all over the world are already producing LESS THAN 50% of the sperm they used to just a few decades ago!  And here is an article talking about all of the modern countries, where EMFs and 5G tend to be the greatest, experiencing a population DECLINE for the first time in history.  

This is scary indirect evidence that there is a huge problem looming.  See this article below...


The Countries where population is declining: