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1 Room Harmonizer, 1 Cell Chip & 1 Personal Device (choose from dropdown)

This package is NOT for iPhone 12 &13s users. 

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Note for you

SUPER IMPORTANT - This bundle ONLY comes with the Cell Chip Option which fits ALL cell phones except iPhone 12 & 13 ("MagSafe") phones. OPTION #1 = Room Harmonizer, Cell Chip, and Personal Card XL. OPTION #2 = the same bundle except a weaker personal device (called the Personal Card “Regular” strength). Only kids and super fragile people (such as very sick or elderly folks) might want to use the Regular strength Personal Card to avoid a small possibility of detoxing. OPTION #3 - Comes with a "Regular" Band which is stronger than the Personal Card XL. This Bundle defaults to the black color band. OPTION #4 - Comes with the strongest personal device we carry (or anyone carries). Very similar to a Cellphone Watch and adjusts to fit almost any wrist from a small child to a large adult wrist.

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