Car Harmonizer


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  • Remediates regular cars and hybrids as well.  Electric Cars need two (if there are two car outlets to use...if not use one Car Harmonizer plus one Better ZZZ's on the passenger side under the mat)
  • Absolutely essential especially for those who are in the car a lot.
  • Cars are made of metal (which amplifies EMF issues *) & now many have Wi-Fi & more as well
  • Material in this product has been shown to normalize Inter-Cellular changes caused by EMFs
  • Comes with one USB port to still be able to charge a cell phone, etc.

IF YOUR CAR DOES NOT HAVE A CAR CIGARETTE LIGHTER (or a 2nd one for Electric Cars that need 2 Car H's) to plug the Car Harmonizer into then read Notes on the Better ZZZ's product page on how to use that product as an alternative solution.


2.0” x 3.0” x 5.0”

* Source: – Scientific Report – “Polarization:  A Key Difference Between Man-made and Natural Electromagnetic Fields, in regard to Biological Activity” by Dimitris Panagopoulos, Olle Johansson, & George L. Carlo



Plug into Car's Cigarette Lighter and go!  That's it.

IMPORTANT NOTE = The digital numbers on the outside of the package have nothing to do with the EMF remediation.  You can ignore it. 


Note for you

This product will never be perfect looking but is near perfect performing. Here’s why: All resin-made products by EMF Solutions, including this one, are imperfect looking because of a safer, less toxic, plant-based resin that takes 3 long days to dry (as opposed to the chemical based resins which take minutes to dry). The dry resin isn’t perfect looking but we sacrifice looks for health and performance.

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