Condo or Apartment Bundle


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  • Includes 2 Room Harmonizers, 1 Better ZZZ’s, and 1 Device Chip
  • Comes with instructions.  Installs easily in a few minutes.
  • Remediates EMF issues including:  one Wi-Fi router, your electric “Smart” Meter, EMF’s from outside of home (ex: Cell Towers, powerlines, or neighbor’s Smart Meter), “dirty electricity” (between 4,000 to 100,000 Hz), one bed, and nearly all appliances inside of home including TV’s, CFL’s & other polarizing lights, refrigerator, etc.
  • For more beds get additional Better ZZZ’s and for more Wi-Fi devices (including a Playstation, Apple TV, Wi-Fi Direct TV, Wi-Fi printer, Baby Monitors, etc) get additional Device Chip(s).


PRODUCT INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS - Go to  then click the “Condo Bundle” box


YOU MAY DETOX - PLEASE READ:  About 20 percent of those who remediate their home and their EMF emitting devices (cell phones, laptops, etc) experience a DETOX for a few days or so.  Those with current health issues such as auto-immune issues are often the most likely to detox.  Although this is a super positive sign of good things it can feel "icky".   Please see the Detox Protocol Sheet (for advice on how to minimize or avoid this possibility) by going here -->

Note for you

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Look up Room Harmonizer, Device Chip, & Better ZZZ's instructions ... just click here --> Product Installation Instructions - ALL Products. NOTE:  Everyone should opt for the Home Bundle NOT this Condo Bundle, unless it is a rare circumstance where you cannot access either the Electric (Smart) Meter or the Fuse Box.

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