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IMPORTANT NOTE:  The new "MagSafe" iPhone contains new technology and is NOT fully remediated with this Cell Chip (or with any product available yet for that matter)! 

(EMF Solutions will be coming out with a separate product for these phones soon  This problem has been fixed, but finding a large source of raw materials with the correct properties needed could take weeks or longer.)



  • Works better than any other on the market or your money back guarantee kicks in.
  • Works on 4G phones, 5G phones, & everything except "MagSafe" iPhones
  • An average cell phone now measures well over 100 times what is considered safe by expert scientists (the over 4,000 studies at the BioInitiative.org).  Phones usually measure well over 2,000 microwatt/m2 as soon as you turn them on…the “safe” levels determined at the BioInitiative are UNDER 30 mW/m2!!)
  • ALL OF OUR PRODUCTS are hand-crafted and use a special plant based resin (so they can be healthier than the normal chemical-filled resin products), therefore you will see some imperfections on our resin-using products (all Chips which are used in:  Cell, Laptop, Device Chips plus Regular & XL Bands)
  • (IMPORTANT NOTE:  Works best under phone case.  Fits under all soft cases like rubber or silicone and under some hard cases.  For a good quality, flexible case you might try online search for Onyx Case by Ringke (www.ringkestore.com and also sold on Amazon) - they claim to have every major phone brand and use military grade silicone and they are often $12.99
  • (IMPORTANT NOTE #2:  DO NOT USE WITH Metal Plate Magnet Cell Phone Holder!  See Instruction video.)


3.0″ x 1.0″ x 0.1″

* For any reason including not seeing that our product is the best on the market or equal to the best, you can return the product for your money back.  See Product Guarantee for details on the main product page


Easy Installation Instructions


Note for you

This product will never be perfect looking but is near perfect performing. Here’s why: All resin-made products by EMF Solutions, including this one, are imperfect looking because of a safer, less toxic, plant-based resin that takes 3 long days to dry (as opposed to the chemical based resins which take minutes to dry). The dry resin isn’t perfect looking but we sacrifice looks for health and performance.

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