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    • We suggest XXL Strength (which is still not as strong as the XL Band but more convenient for some)
    • Remediates EMF’s wherever you go!  (On an Airplane.  At the store.  Near WIFI in public, etc.)  Size of a credit card…strength of an Elephant!

      1 – IT IS BETTER TO WEAR 2 CARDS (see XXL) – versus one Band plus one Card.  It is more synergistic and will work better to wear two of the same thing (2 Cards or 2 Bands).  The XXL is the best 2 Card option.

      2 - FYI – The Regular Strength Card = is only for kids who won't wear a Band (which is stronger than the Reg Card)…OR for those who have significant health issues (call us for advice if this describes you but this card is a way to ease into remediation). 

      3 – PLEASE READ INSTRUCTIONS & FOLLOW THE RULES – because wearing XL or Combo Cards backwards will result in the device not working.  The rules are very simple but read them.



Note for you

Important to read instructions. The XL Card must face the correct direction. Instructions are on Card itself and at

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