Adult Band



  • Wrist Band that remediates EMF’s wherever you go!  (On an Airplane.  At the store.  Near WIFI in public.  Etc.)


How to wear and how many to wear: 

1 – FOR PEOPLE WHO WEIGH OVER 60 LBS - WEARING TWO BANDS IS BETTER THAN WEARING ONE – Since the world’s EMF’s are getting worse (including thousands of 5G satellites in low orbit starting at the end of 2019) we do suggest that wearing two Bands is better than wearing one.  This is not as important for smaller children and more important for larger people such as young adults and adults

2 – THE CHIPS MAY BE TAKEN OUT OF THE SILICONE BAND(S) AND WORN INSIDE OF A POCKET INSTEAD OF ON THE ARM. (Two chips can go in one pocket or be split into two different pockets.  For best results also keep the Chip(s) out of the pocket which contains your Cell Phone).

3 – IT IS BETTER TO WEAR 2 BANDS, OR 2 PERSONAL CARDS – meaning it is less effective to wear one Band plus one Card (a different personal device).  It is more synergistic and will work better to wear two of one or two of the other.



Fits wrist sizes between 5.0 to 8.5 inches (most adults and could fit most kids)


  • White
  • Black
In Stock
In Stock

Note for you

This product will never be perfect looking but is near perfect performing. Here’s why: All resin-made products by EMF Solutions, including this one, are imperfect looking because of a safer, less toxic, plant-based resin that takes 3 long days to dry (as opposed to the chemical based resins which take minutes to dry). The dry resin isn’t perfect looking but we sacrifice looks for health and performance.

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