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    • Remediates EMF’s wherever you go!  (On an Airplane.  At the store.  Near WIFI in public.  Etc.)
    • Size of a credit card…strength of an Elephant!
    • FYI – The Regular Strength Card = is Best for kids…OR also for those who have significant health issues and prefer to ease into EMF remediation to avoid small chance of a detox. Eventually when your health strength improves you can graduate to the Personal Card XL, which works the best to remediate EMF’s for adults.


    1 – FOR PEOPLE OVER 60 LBS WEARING TWO CARDS IS BETTER THAN WEARING ONE – Since the world’s EMF’s are getting worse (including thousands of 5G satellites in low orbit starting at the end of 2019) we do suggest that wearing two instead of one.  For smaller children it is often more convenient to wear a Kid Band, click here –> Kid Band

    2 – IT IS BETTER TO WEAR 2 CARDS (or two Adult or Kid Bands) – versus one Band and one Card.  It is more synergistic and will work better to wear two of the same thing.

    3 – PLEASE READ INSTRUCTIONS & FOLLOW THE RULES – wearing it incorrectly (backwards) will result in the device not working.  The rules are very simple but read them…such as: “face the card in the correct direction…do not put 2 cards in the same pocket…and it is ideal not to put metal or electronic things in the same pocket as the Card.



Note for you

Important to read instructions. The XL Card must face the correct direction. Instructions are on Card itself and at

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