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EMF Solutions makes superior EMF remediation products for your cell phone, wireless devices, entire home, office, car, and for your body when on the go. Based on proven bio-energetic technology our products are super unique in that they actually address the root cause of EMF issues. (If you are facing a health crisis and are in need of financial assistance to get all of the products you or your family needs, please email us at info@emfsol.com and put "Financial Assistance Request" in the Subject Line. We will email you back with what information we need from you.)

To assess what your specific home and family needs, please use this tool


Device Chip

Use Device Chips to remediate strongest Wi-Fi or Bluetooth EMF emitting electronic sources and other...


Booster Box

Added to Home Harmonizer when extra challenges are present.


Room Harmonizer

Remediates EMF’s that originate from outside of the area being remediated (like cell towers, smart...


Better ZZZ's

This is most needed when a bed has metal springs in the mattress or a...


Car Harmonizer

Cars are made of metal (which amplifies EMF issues *) & now have Wi-Fi &...


Laptop Chip

Secures to the bottom of laptop to travel with you anywhere you go!


Home Bundle

If you don’t know where to start here it is!  This bundle can remediate most...


Condo or Apartment Bundle

Remediate EMF’s in your entire condo or apartment for a super low cost.


Personal Card

Remediates EMF’s wherever you go! (On an Airplane. At the store. Near...


Home Harmonizer

Home Harmonizer


Cell Chip

Cellphone Chip


EMF Band

Universal Band - for all kids and many adults with wrists that fit.



XL Band is strongest product available thru EMF Solutions or anywhere


iCell Chip

iPhone Chip


XL Band Face Replacement



Bundle Options

Bare Minimum

1 Room Harmonizer, 1 Cell Chip & 1 Personal Device (choose from dropdown)

This package is NOT for iPhone 12 &13s users. 

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Be Healthy
$514.85 - $734.75

1 Home Harmonizer, 1 Better ZZZ's, 1 Device Chip, 1 Cell Chip, & 1 Personal Card - $734.75 OR Substitute 2 Room Harmonizer for the Home Harmonizer - $514.85

This package is NOT for iPhone 12 &13s users. 

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Super Healthy Option Custom
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