When we remediate EMFs from our home, work, automobile, and personal devices it appears that our bodies could get extra energy and use it for reasons wonderfully unique to each person. Watch the videos and read the testimonials below to see how so many people have benefitted from our EMF protection solutions.


Personal Collection Reviews

Thank you for your products ! I’ve been dealing with insomnia for 3 years, after remediating my home with your products, I slept: 14 hours that night!! The next night I slept 12 hours. And every night after that I’ve slept at least 8 hours. I notice my sleep is deeper, more restful, and I’m dreaming again ! I feel like I’m getting myself back! Thank you!.”

Jennifer C. (Phoenix, AZ)

I’m not usually one to put testimonials down on paper! But I do have amazing results I have hadwith our apartment being remediated! Almost within hours I had a peace and calm which is beyond words but at the same time, an amazing amount of energy! A XXXX on my leg which comes and goes for months is completely gone!. But that which is most significant and miraculous is my sleep experience. I have been taking XXXX or XXXX sleep remedies for probably 20 years! And now I am sleeping like I was a teenager again ! Without any sleepaids! Thank you EMF Solutions for changing my days and nights!!!”

Leslie H (San Diego, CA)

I have to say this is the first time in a very long time that I feel much better when I woke up this morning. I have had for a very long time breathing problems through my nose as if I was always have a blocked nasal passage on one side or the other all the time. And it’s amazing I placed the product under the mattress and when I woke up this morning I can breathe normaland I feel much better.”

Steven S.(San Diego, CA)

From the first night I got my condo bundle with room harmonizers I slept better and didn’t have nightmares and felt so well rested and so did my entire family. I personally suffered a condition that started from living in a heavily EMF polluted apartment that effected my xxxx and overall health. I found solutions along the way but nothing like this. I can say I have reversed my condition and use EMF Solutions everywhere for me and my family and all my patients. Thank you EMF Solutions for coming out with these tools! They are so much needed inthis time. I highly recommend!”

Dr. Lauren M. (San Diego, CA)

I am so surprised and amazed- I wore my personal card all weekend for my Army Reserve duty last weekend. Usually after my weekend, when I get home, I am so tired and run down and always get a huge recurring (head tension) that won’t go away until I sleep, and sometimes it evens remains the next day. But this time I didn’t get a recurring (head tension)!! I really couldn’t believe it – When I got home, I had enough energy to make dinner and play with my kids, with no (head tension) whatsoever!! I’m so thankful!!”

Amy S. (USA)

Car Collection Reviews

I am currently working with a practitioner. Through biofeedback testing it was discovered that my energy was imbalanced and being compromised by EMF’s. After starting to use the EMF Solutions products, the EMF imbalance had cleared up. Thank you so much for helping me get my health back on track!”

Monique (Vista, CA)

Thank you so much for you products because they truly work! We have the home remedy kit as well as personal cards for my family and I and I feel what normal is again like a kid back on the family farm. No more brain fog, (head tensions), uneasy high sensitivity in my own home whether it’s my cell phone, Wi-Fi or laptop. I sleep like a rock and rested when up. I can worklong days without yawning once because of being tired. All I can say is GOD bless you for your life saving products! ”

Gabe R. (USA)

I am seeing huge positive shifts in clients who once tested for EMF related stressors whonow have a remediated home, vehicle, and are wearing the personal card/band!!! Seeing the shifts via Biofeedback tests and rectification percentages”,I have been seeing a client (for biofeedback) for a few months now who has a chronic case of xxxx. When I first started working with this client, they couldn’t hold a conversation/ stick to the same topic for more than a minute. This client has been making steady progress with Biofeedback but it wasn’t until I started expressing the importance of EMF remediation for the home to this clients family when things started to shift, after 6 sessions, I learned that the home’s router was only three feet away from my clients bed and it has been there for the past ten years!

Sara V (Port Saint Lucie, FL)

Since remediation of the house, my husband doesn’t get massive recurring (head tensions) the Smart meter is right behind his pillow). My 3 year old is much calmer in the house. Before he used to get wide eyed, wild ultra-hyper, couldn’t calm himself. Now, he doesn’t get like that at all at home. When were somewhere that’s not remediated, he begins losing focus and has more frequent behavior issues. I’m waiting to see what other changes we will have. Thank you for helping us!”

Camielle L. (Chicago, IL)

After having a rep come out and remediate my new house. I had 2 separate guest come. Eachtold me the nights they had at our house were the best night’s sleep they had in a long time. I knew it was because of (EMF Solutions) work immediately.”

Nancy S. (SD, CA)