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  • NEW PRODUCT - Over 2.5 times stronger yet the same price as previous version
    • Also approximately 60% stronger than the regular strength EMF Band (which is 67% stronger than previous Kid & Adult Bands)...Wow!
  • Absolutely the best personal remediation product anywhere
  • Remediate EMF’s wherever you go! (At the store, in the classroom, anywhere in public)
  • Looks like a Cell Watch (so you can tell people what you have or stay incognito)
  • Fits Wrists 3.75 to 8.0 inch in diameter (virtually all kids and adults)
  • Now more durable than previous Bands
  • ALL OF OUR PRODUCTS are hand-crafted and use a special plant based resin (so they can be healthier than the normal chemical-filled resin products), therefore you will see some imperfections on our resin-using products (all Chips which are used in:  Cell, Laptop, Device Chips plus Regular & XL Bands)
    • These guidelines take into account growing 5G concerns and the fact that each year EMF’s get substantially worse.  So our recommendation OVER-REMEDIATES in most cases so that your product we hope  should be enough for a while (years) into the future.
    • Kids or adults over 100 lbs do best with the EMF Band XL
    • People under 100 lbs are great with either band (EMF Band or EMF Band XL)
    • Previous Kid Band should be effective for those under 60 lbs for a while longer (we hope)

PRODUCT INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS - Go to www.emfsol.com/installation  then click the “EMF Band XL” box and/or watch the video below...


Note for you

The chip may be removed from the band and worn in your pocket as well, although be careful kids don’t lose the chip this way.

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