XL Band’s Alternative Nylon Band


For those allergic to silicone.  This is an alternative band to fit the XL Band product. (Band ONLY).  See details below.



The NEW XL BAND comes with a new super soft, smooth, and comfortable silicone black band made specifically to fit the XL Band.  This fits almost everyone from a small child to a larger adult (the band goes from 4.0″ to 9.0″ circumference for wrists or kids’ ankles).

BUT for those few who might be allergic to silicone or for those who want/need an adjustable band a little larger (for a slightly larger than 9.0″ circumference) then you should add this alternative to your cart to replace the band part that the product comes with.  It is made of a seat belt-like material and if you watch the video of how to adjust it (below) you can see how to make it extra small and extra large.


(NOTE:  Does NOT come with the Chip or the Face of the XL Band.  This is only the band which holds those.)


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