EMF Band XL – “NEW”

    • These guidelines take into account growing 5G concerns and the fact that each year EMF’s get substantially worse.
    • Kids or adults over 100 lbs likely do best with the EMF Band XL
    • People under 100 lbs are great with either band (EMF Band or EMF Band XL)
    • If you prefer a necklace – you can purchase (separately) a case that hangs the chip inside of this band from Amazon or other places for $11 to $24. Just search for the product “Apple Watch Pendent” and choose a Silicone face and Size 38/40mm to be sure it fits our chip inside. See the last product picture.
    • Previous Kid Band should be effective for those under 60 lbs for a while longer (we hope)
  • NOTE – the band comes with a clear, plastic sheet we leave on to protect it during shipping.  When you receive your band simply remove it.
  • NOTE 2 –  the band does NOT need batteries or to be powered on. Its properties always work and increase automatically around EMFs

Go to www.emfsol.com/installation  then click the “EMF Band XL” box.


VIDEO: A MUST SEE VIDEO – Pretty Product BUT Hand-made and slightly imperfect


The chip may be removed from the band and worn in your pocket as well, although be careful kids don’t lose the chip this way.

XL Band’s Replacement Silicone Band

The NEW XL BAND as of 12/2023  comes with this new super soft, smooth, and comfortable silicone black band made specifically to fit the XL Band.  This band is BLACK COLORED and still fits almost everyone from a small child to a larger adult (the band goes from 4.0″ to 8.5″ circumference for wrists or kids’ ankles).


(NOTE:  Does NOT come with the Chip or the Face of the XL Band.  This is only the band which holds those.)

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