Cory Hillis
President of EMF Solutions Inc.
Certified EMF Specialist & Trainer

Cory is the principal inventor and lead designer of EMF Solutions Inc. Cory teaches practitioners and other key associates to become Certified EMF Specialists.

Years ago, this founder of EMF Solutions had a devastating physical condition and with much dedicated, holistic-related work was thrilled to get back to fairly average health. Then later after becoming a holistic practitioner to help others, Cory could not find any solutions that properly addressed the elephant in the room, the ginormous EMF issue facing him and his clients.

So he set out to discover the root cause of the problem which had previously been overlooked completely. Cory’s studies and work found new discoveries and produced the first real and complete solutions to help him, his family, and his clients.

Soon Cory rediscovered wonderfully above average health again, and earned so many testimonials and referrals that he was forced to close his practice and commit exclusively to helping people with EMF’s. Cory got so busy he started training others who also had so many testimonials that a company quickly grew solely from the astonishing word-of-mouth.

Cory has an intense passion to help others that stems from his first-hand knowledge of the impact that EMF remediation had in his personal journey to exciting health.

(In addition to being a Certified EMF Specialist & Trainer, Cory has a number of holistic practitioner-related trainings and certifications including Quantum Reflex Analysis (QRA), Clinical Nutrition & Weight Management Consultant, and being an Advanced Trainer for QRA to doctors, chiropractors, & others for years.)