Lisa R

I gave Phillip his (Personal Card) to put in his pocket. Less than 20 minutes later there was no more (head tensions) or xxxx. Later in the evening, and before we went home, he took the (Personal Card) out of his pocket and the (head tensions) came back. (We were also not in the car.) With regards to the house, last night was the first night both me son and I had a good night’s sleep without needing some sort of background noise be it the TV or music to fall asleep. We also both slept through the night. (Usually we both wake up multiple times.) I am really looking forward to seeing what other changes…


It’s been nearly six months since my husband and I received our bands. We are so impressed with the results. Within the first 24 hours after putting them on, the terrible (tension) in my foot and hip that I’d had for two months were completely gone …But by day seven my back (tension) was reduced quite significantly. And my (recurring (head tensions)) are farther between with much less severity most of the time and I experience far less brain fog and much better cognition. We’re so grateful for your products. Thanks a million.

Nick D

I’ve never been able to “feel energy” before, but after remediating our house and then going to the neighbor’s I felt like I was getting knocked back over. My xxxx have settled down quite a bit as well. Only been 2 days, but I feel like I’m sleeping better and waking up more refreshed.


MY HOUSE FEELS STILL. Like it does when the power is out.

Jennifer C

Thank you for your products! I’ve been dealing with insomnia for 3 years, after remediating my home with your products, I slept: 14 hours that night!! The next night I slept 12 hours. And every night after that I’ve slept at least 8 hours. I notice my SLEEP IS DEEPER, MORE RESTFUL, AND I’M DREAMING AGAIN! I feel like I’m getting myself back! Thank you!


I’m not usually one to put testimonials down on paper! But I do have amazing results I have had with our apartment being remediated! Almost within hours I had a peace and calm which is beyond words but at the same time, an AMAZING AMOUNT OF ENERGY! A xxxx ON MY LEG WHICH COMES AND GOES FOR MONTHS IS COMPLETELY GONE! But that which is MOST SIGNIFICANT AND MIRACULOUS IS MY SLEEP EXPERIENCE. I have been taking XXXX or XXXX sleep remedies for probably 20 years! And NOW I’M SLEEPING LIKE A TEENAGER AGAIN! Without any sleep aids! Thank you EMF Solutions for changing my days and nights!!!

Nicolee M

The whole house product has been in for 2 weeks and I’ve NOTICED I’M TRULY RESTED WHEN I AWAKE in the am and my HUSBAND HAS MORE ENERGY IN GENERAL. Thanks!


I used a rep that came into my home and tested all my appliances, Wi-Fi, smart meter, computers, and recommended products to harmonize the EMF’s. This has by far been the biggest breakthrough in my health because I was experiencing extreme insomnia and xxxx which are mostly GONE just from this one fix. I will warn you it’s not cheap, but soooo worth it!!! This has given me back my life and I am now working a full time physical labor job that I never would have been able to sustain if I still had this level of insomnia. My xxxx is lower… and my physical energy is so much improved!

Steven S

I have to say this is the first time in a very long time that I feel much better when I woke up this morning. I have had for a very long time breathing problems through my nose as if I was always have a blocked nasal passage on one side or the other all the time. And it’s amazing I placed the product under the mattress and when I woke up this morning I can breathe normal and I feel much better.


From the first night I got my condo bundle with room harmonizers I slept better and didn’t have nightmares and felt so well rested and so did my entire family. I personally suffered a condition that started from living in a heavily EMF polluted apartment that effected my xxxx and overall health. I found solutions along the way but nothing like this. I can say I have reversed my condition and use EMF Solutions everywhere for me and my family and all my patients. Thank you EMF Solutions for coming out with these tools! They are so much needed in this time. I highly recommend!

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