I am seeing huge positive shifts in clients who once tested for EMF related stressors who now have a remediated home, vehicle, and are wearing the personal card/band!!! Seeing the shifts via Biofeedback tests and rectification percentages. I have been seeing a client (for biofeedback) for a few months now who has a chronic case of xxxx. When I first started working with this client, they couldn’t hold a conversation/ stick to the same topic for more than a minute. This client has been making steady progress with Biofeedback but it wasn’t until I started expressing the importance of EMF remediation for the home to this clients family when things started to shift, after 6 sessions, I learned that the home’s router was only three feet away from my clients bed and it has been there for the past ten years! The family was completely on board to remediate the home so I installed it immediately. A week later (after home remediation) I conducted a Biofeedback session and the client proceeded to have a full 35 minute (90% on topic) conversation with me! This client practiced as an ND and used homeopathy as their primary modality. They helped so many people so it has been an honor to do my best and give back. Using EMF Solutions products has absolutely benefited this client and their quality of life. I can’t wait to see the positive progress to come.

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