Ursula S

We all detoxed for a bit but then after that I myself had a huge increase of energy! It was/is awesome! My entire being felt better, clearer, “lighter”, and even happier/ I sleep so well now- it’s amazing! My husband who had no idea that I did it also detoxed and noticed an increase in energy and better sleep. He over all seemed “less stressed” and he approved that I EMF busted the house even though I didn’t tell him lol… my toddler, the child that doesn’t talk and is in the autistic preschool started talking more! It was crazy everyday he said about 3-4 new words and he started to copy word sounds that we would practice with him! We were all super excited about that! He also had less tantrums. My 11 year old and 9 year old unbelievably fought less, slept better and seemed more “calm and focused” I am so glad that I did this! I will be ordering more products soon…

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