What to do if I detox or feel worse after remediating EMF’s?

“DetoxSupport Protocol”

NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT: If you feel worse immediately following EMF remediation of your home or office, know that this is not super uncommon, it is temporary, and it’s likely a sign of your body improving itself. When a huge stress (like from EMF’s) is removed or reduced, your body may have tons more energy which it may decide to use to flush out old toxins. About 20% of those who remediate EMF’s may “detox” at first (which is a great sign of good things happening). For people with serious Auto-Immune issues have a 90% chance of detoxing. If you would like to make the process gentler, shorter, or often avoid detox symptoms altogether, read below. Also FYI the products do not cause adetox but with more energy your body might decide to “improve” or to dump old toxins from itself. In the worst case scenario, if you feel too bad simply take the products off (unplug them, etc) and call us.

DISCLAIMER If you do experience symptoms above don’t hesitate to call your EMF Solutions’ rep or to call EMF Solutions directly for advice! EMF remediation does not “cure” anything. We do not claim that it treats any medical conditions at all. We are not doctors or practitioners. The nutrition suggested is basic food (like the vinegar and digestive enzymes). We recommend you check with a nutritionist, practitioner, or doctor before taking anything at all. And if you have allergies to any of the foods or simple nutrients we suggest please consult your medical doctor.