For all Products – (Alphabetical Order)

Slip this product underneath of your mattress. We suggest leaving it in the plastic bag for protection, but it works the same with or without the bag. If you have two mattresses (like a top mattress and a box spring) then place it between the two mattresses. If you have an electric bed that plugs in (such as an adjustable bed or even a bed with a Grounding Mat) then DO NOT use the Better ZZZ’s but rather use a Device Chip on the cord closest to the bed.


Just plug into your car cigarette lighter. If you have an Electric Car you’ll need two of these. If you need two but do not have two cigarette lighters (be sure to look inside glove compartments, mid console, and trunk area) then get one Car Harmonizer plus one Better ZZZ’s and place this under the mat on the passenger side of the car or call us for an explanation of where to place the Better ZZZ’s.


(Comes with 2 Room Harmonizers, 1 Device Chip, & 1 Better ZZZ’s)

If you have access to your Smart (Electric) Meter or the Fuse Box that controls your whole unit we strongly suggest you get the Home Bundle instead. That is the strongest and best way to fully remediate any condo or apartment. The Home Bundle or at least one or two additional Room Harmonizers may be necessary if you have many other units in the same connected building which means you have to remediate your EMFs plus theirs as well.
FYI’s in video below - we’ll change the video below soon but for now know:
1. The Master Plugs have changed names & looks to the “Room Harmonizers”
2. The Appliance Harmonizer has changed its name to “Device Chip”


Place on back of cell phone…ideally UNDER the phone case where it works best. If Chip doesn’t fit under your hard phone case then use a SOFT PHONE CASE (such as a rubber or silicone case – for a good quality, flexible case you might try online search for Onyx Case by Ringke (www.ringkestore.com and also sold on Amazon) - they claim to have every major phone brand and use military grade silicone and they are often $12.99and in stores). Either side of the Chip may face the phone.

WARNING: EMF Chip is FRAGILE. Be gentle and DO NOT BEND. It is made as thin as possible to fit under many phone cases.

CHIP WILL NOT WORK IF IT IS BETWEEN THE PHONE BATTERY & ANYTHING METAL OR MAGNETIC! So instead of using a magnetic hanging phone system we suggest using a non-metal system such as a Pop Socket. And FYI – if Chip is OUTSIDE of the phone case it still works but slightly less than its full potential.

SUGGESTIONS:We suggest using clear or scotch tape to hold chip in place then putting the case over it. Also do NOT use a Bluetooth headset which is not able to be remediated. We suggest instead using a wired headset.

DEVICE CHIP (previously “Appliance Harmonizer”)

Clip this to the electric cord as close as possible to the device or appliance that you are wanting to remediate. Ideally the square chip should press up against the electric cord. If the cord is too thick you can use electric tape to adhere the chip to the electric cord. If you’re remediating a Wi-Fi router, etc, be sure you clip the electric cord (not a CAT5 or other cord). Devices which need remediation (even after using the Room Harmonizer or Home Harmonizer for general overall remediation) include all stronger microwave producing devices such as Wi-Fi & bluetooth-like devices. These devices include: Wi-Fi routers & extenders, Playstation, X-Box, Firestick, electric beds (use this instead of the Better ZZZ’s), Cordless Phone main station, Desktop PC, Baby Monitor, Microwave Oven (only if you use it), Google Home, Alexa, Grounding Mats, and all electric motor devices in bedrooms or near where you spend much time (like a fan, air purifier, dehumidifier, etc).

SUPER IMPORTANT NOTE: Fans, Air Purifiers, or single AC units are not worse than a Wi-Fi router but the type of EMF they give off is much HARDER to remediate so we suggest either: 1 – do not use them in the bedroom, or 2 – put a Device Chip on the cord AND keep them over 6 feet from the edge of your bed, or 3 – put two Device Chips (on the same side of the electric cord) and still keep as far from the edge of your bed as possible.


It is most important to wear a Personal Device when not home or when not in an EMF-remediated environment. When you are in a remediated environment (which has a Home or Room Harmonizer, a Device Chip on the Router, etc) you do NOT need to wear any Personal EMF Device. This band is for kids but also can be used by adults whose wrists fit into it. Fits wrists between 4.5 and 7.0 in diameter.

For larger-wristed adults (and even for kids as well) our EMF Band XL is recommended for the absolute best EMF remediation.


The EMF Band XL is recommended for all, especially larger kids and adults, as the absolute best EMF remediation from EMF Solutions or anywhere. No band or Personal Device will ever be 100 percent but the XL Band is closest.

Fits wrists between 3.75 and 8.0 in diameter. To adjust the band to smaller or larger than how it comes in the package, please see this Instruction Video:






INSTALL RULE #1 – The Home Harmonizer should be placed in a spot where the electricity comes into your home, such as: next to or on top of your Electric (Smart) Meter outside, on the pipe nearest to your Electric Meter outside, or as a last resort by the Fuse box inside of the home. See short videos for best examples.

INSTALL RULE #2 – DO NOT sandwich the product between two electric or metal things for maximum effectiveness. For example, don’t place the Home Harmonizer Box (HH Box) on the electric pipe coming off of your Electric Meter in a spot where there’s another electric or metal pipe within 8 inches on the opposite side of the HH Box. See Diagrams below:

Helpful HINTS:

1 QUANTITY: 1 HH Box for most houses…add a Booster Box for EMF-Challenged homes such as homes with Solar Panels, within ½ block from a Cell Tower, or about 50 feet from an Electric Transformer Barrel or Extra Large High-Voltage Powerlines.

2 YOU MAY DETOX - PLEASE READ: About 20 percent of those who remediate their home and their EMF emitting devices (cell phones, laptops, etc) experience a DETOX for a few days or so.  Those with current health issues such as auto-immune issues are often the most likely to detox.  Although this is a super positive sign of good things it can feel "icky".   Please see the Detox Protocol Sheet (for advice on how to minimize or avoid this possibility) by going here --> https://www.emfsol.com/detox-protocol
To avoid feeling a “Detox” you can simply go very slow by installing or using one product at a time then introducing one more product every few days or so as you feel good. Most people do NOT need to do this, but those who are older, weaker, or sick may want to use this option.

3 Write with a permanent marker “Belongs to owner”&/or “Unit # XYZ” &/or your Phone # on the outside of the HH Box. That way if the Electric Company comes out and doesn’t know what it is they don’t throw it away by accident.


This is a bundle of these three products: Home Harmonizer, Better ZZZ’s, and Device Chip. For Installation Instructions please see the Instructions for each product.


LAPTOPS - Use tape to adhere the two chips under the front corners of your laptop, like in the picture. Please use your own tape and read why here. If the bottom of your laptop or tablet is smooth we suggest using packing tape. If the bottom is rough with a texture we suggest using duct tape or gaffer tape (packing tape “could” come off depending on how rough you are with your laptop or tablet. We do not suggest using masking tape, scotch tape, or electric tape which are likely not as strong.

We stopped including double-sided sticky tape so that it will be much easier to remove the Chips from one laptop and put on another. (The double-sided 3M tape was so strong it made many chips break when trying to remove them. Therefore, we now suggest choosing your own tape.)

TABLETS – the ideal placement is to put one of the Laptop Chips in the corner near the camera lens & the other on a different corner of the tablet. See illustration below - Chip Placement is in RED.

For a short video instruction see this video:

PERSONAL CARD XL (previously “EMF Patch XL):

For the Healthy Adult.

Please read these INSTRUCTIONS & WARNINGS BEFORE using…

Other Precaution:If you puncture product just tape it to keep crushed earth materials inside product. This will keep it working effectively.

There are some opinions (and we also feel) that Magnets (even small ones) may not be healthy to have near your heart so it’s advised to keep the Personal Card in your pants pocket/waist area and AWAY FROM YOUR HEART AREA. If you have a metal wired bra please do not put patch in bra area. Product contains very small, weak magnet so please follow all general magnet precautions such as:

Do NOT burn product under any circumstances. Magnets could release toxins when burned.

Never swallow a magnet. If the product case breaks open exposing the magnet do not eat magnet and keep away from children of course. If any magnet is swallowed seek medical attention immediately.

ONE-YEAR WARRANTY: If for any reason the Personal Card rips or breaks we will replace it one time free of charge for the first year. (DETAILS: For replacement product you pay shipping only. Also, you must mail back the broken product to EMF Solutions first before replacement is sent. Proof of purchase from EMF Solutions or other is required…OR you can email us at info@emfsol.com to request a replacement.)

PERSONAL CARD (previously “EMF Patch”):

For kids in general, or for adults with health challenges.

Please read these INSTRUCTIONS & WARNINGS: BEFORE using…

Other Precaution: If you puncture product just tape it to keep crushed earth materials inside product. This will keep it working effectively.

ONE-YEAR WARRANTY: If for any reason the Personal Card rips or breaks we will replace it one time free of charge for the first year. (DETAILS: For replacement product you pay shipping only. Also you must mail back the broken product to EMF Solutions first before replacement is sent.

Proof of purchase from EMF Solutions or other is required…OR you can email us at info@emfsol.com to request a replacement.)


NEW PRODUCT. STRONGER THAN EVER BEFORE and by a significant amount. Depending on how bad EMF’s are, this could fully remediate one room, half of a small home, or even more. Two to three plugs can often cover an entire condo or apartment unless there are extra challenges such as having: cell towers on the roof, numerous neighbors with unremediated EMF’s, Smart (Electric) Meters close by, etc. The Room Harmonizer takes care of EMF’s from the entire Non-Ionic Radiation frequency range such as from electricity, Wi-Fi, cell towers, 4G, and 5G. (Ionic = X-Rays & higher frequencies). BUT WE STILL RECOMMEND you use additional products to remediate these following devices separately: cell phone, laptop or tablet, automobile, Routers, fans & other electrical rotating-motor devices in the bedroom, and all high frequency producing devices listed under “Device Chip” instructions.


The “Room Harmonizer” is perfect EMF Remediation for the following locations:

Generally NOT needed if you have a Home Harmonizer- see explanation above