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Option 1:  Always choose the stronger option, Home Harmonizer, except in rare circumstances where you cannot install the Home Harmonizer (or not in your budget).  For more info see Home Harmonizer Installation

Option 2: iPhone 12, 13, & 14s (“Magsafe” phones) use iCell Chips. ALL other cell phones use the Cell Chip.

Option 3:  The XL Band and the XXL Card are the strongest personal protection product choices.  Regular Bands work well for children or smaller adults.  This Bundle will come with a BLACK BAND ONLY.  Click EMF Band or XL Band for more info if needed.

Option 4 & 5:  No option really.  A Device Chip for a router (or other device) and a Better ZZZs for the bed mattress.


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1 Home Harmonizer
1 Better ZZZ’s
1 Device Chip
1 Cell Chip &
1 Personal Card – $734.75
Substitute 2 Room Harmonizer for the Home Harmonizer – $514.85

Additional information

Option 1

Home Harmonizer, 2 Room Harmonizers

Option 2

Cell Chip, iCell Chip

Option 3

Reg Band, XL Band, XL Card, XXL Card

Option 4

Device Chip

Option 5

Better ZZZs

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