Better ZZZ’s


  • ADD-ON PRODUCT — TO BE USED WITH A HOME HARMONIZER OR ROOM HARMONIZER (it is sometimes NOT enough remediation for a bed by itself). ***
  • DO NOT USE ON ADJUSTABLE BED, ONE WITH A GROUNDING MAT, or on any other bed that plugs in (to an outlet) in some way.  Instead use the Device Chip for those!
  • It is suggested to always have one of these under your mattress but it is super important when a bed has metal springs in the mattress or a metal frame


Dimensions: approx 5.0″ x 5.0″ x 0.4″
Instructions: Simply place it under the mattress or between two mattresses if you have a box spring.


Go to  then click the “Better ZZZ’s” box

  • FOR USE IN AN AUTOMOBILE: if your car does not come with a Cigarette Lighter (for plugging in the Car Harmonizer product) you can use the Better ZZZ’s as an alternative in the following way:
  • Place the Better ZZZ’s somewhere on the floor of the car/automobile as close as possible to (or touching) the metal frame of the car.  For example, one could place it under the passenger seat’s floor mat while also touching the thick bolts that secure the seat to the base of the car.
  • If you have an Electric Car, you should use either 2 Car Harmonizers, or 1 Car Harmonizer plus one Better ZZZ’s, or 2 Better ZZZ’s in the same way mentioned above.

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