When we remediate EMFs from our home, work, automobile, and personal devices it appears that our bodies could get extra energy and use it for reasons wonderfully unique to each person. Watch the videos and read the testimonials below to see how so many people have benefitted from our EMF protection solutions.


Home Collection Reviews

Ever since you installed the EMF Solutions equipment at my house it made a WORLD of a difference! It completely eliminated the (head tensions) I was having DAILY ! I also sleep MUCH better and I wake up before my alarm clock ! That part was huge for me because I would have the hardest time waking up I was rested and with much more energy throughout the day. My girlfriend noticed thee thing and she had NO CLUE that you came to fix our house. I wanted to see if she felt it without knowing and she did! I can’t thank you enough, you’ve truly made my life more enjoyable.”

Larry T. (Chula Vista, CA)

As a Naturopathic doctor I use all the tools to support my family. However there were stubborn areas in our health where I was not seeing enough improvement. I purchased the total house remediation package to protect our family but I was pleasantly surprised at the results! After 45 minutes with all of the products an old chronic injury released and the (tension) I experienced daily has disappeared. My children (6 and 4) are sleeping through the night for the first time ever and my occasional (sleep issues) has resolved. I highly recommend these products.”

Dr. Bridget A. (N.D.) – (Yorba Linda, CA)

It’s been nearly six months since my husband and I received our bands. We are so impressed with the results. Within the first 24 hours after putting them on, the terrible (tension) in my foot and hip that I’d had for two months were completely gone... But by day seven my back (tension) was reduced quite significantly. And my (recurring (head tensions)) are farther between with much less severity most of the time and I experience far less brain fog and much better cognition. We’re so grateful for your products. Thanks a million.”

Louise H. (USA)

Since using your product I have been sleeping and feeling much better. The tingling in my arms while holding my phone has disappeared. The whole house has a much better feel. I have more energy and my wife and I have started working out again with the better sleep and extra energy it is much easier to accomplish goals. The products work great and even made sure we took them to Tahoe.”

Ben F. (San Diego, CA)

We have recently discovered that my kids are super sensitive to EMF. I was looking at your website and I’m not sure my husband was entirely convinced that we needed to take the plunge and buy your bracelets. For Christmas, a good friend sent my kids your bracelets (bands). Since my daughters were out of town, my husband grabbed one of the bands and attached it to his hat. (He works in front of a computer all day long.) About an hour later, he found me in the kitchen and said, “Real or perceived, there is something to this! My energy is better. I feel really positive.”

Gerald F. (USA)

Personal Collection Reviews

During the holidays our daughter in law became very sick and the doctors could not diagnose her with anything so we took our entire bundle, personal card, and adult band over to their home and she has not had an (episode) since. AND we did not realize how the Home Remediation Bundle helped us with sleep until we didn’t have it. So I am ordering another bundle for our home.”

Roberta S. (USA)

After I put on the second box it took about 2-3 hours until the energy calmed down...then I started feeling really good and worked until 2am... slept real deep for 5 hours and woke up feeling great... I notice mind claritythe most I will definitely be recommending the meter boxes to everyone.”

Kristi (Miami, FL)

The better ZZZ’s saves me hours of time by causing me to fall asleep faster instead of lying there awake in the darkness. Now I actually look forward to bedtime instead of struggling and laboring to fall asleep. The sleep quality is amazingly velvety, softly peaceful and restorative.”

Randall (Honolulu, HI) - Practitioner

We are feeling great! It’s actually pretty amazing the extra energy I feel. Our sleep has been so much better and just a general good healthy feeling every day. Also, the house has theoverall “clean” feeling to it. Thank you again for providing such an incredibly healing product that is available to all. We are very grateful!”

Ruth M. (Escondido, CA)

I am so impressed with the difference the Better ZZZs made ! I have always had trouble sleeping and never felt rested when I had to get up in the morning- I frequently even woke with (recurring head tension). I never would have guessed how much of the problem was coming from EMF’s! Using Better ZZZs made me wake up less through the night, and I feel so much better when I wake - like I’ve recently slept deeply and have gotten the rest I needed.This product lives up to its name for sure- thank you so much!.”

M.U. – San Diego, CA