EMF Band

  • Fits Wrists 4.5 to 7.0 inches in diameter (virtually all kids and many smaller-wristed adults)
  • Choose a color above to see close-up picture of each band. (FYI – it defaults to Blue Camo if no choice is made here.)
  • IMPORTANT NOTE FOR PARENTS:   Rough use can have the chip pop out and could get lost.  If that’s a concern for your child (depending on age, etc) then we suggest getting the XL Band which is stronger and fits smaller & larger wrists (pretty much everyone).  See XL Band for more info.
  • ALL OF OUR PRODUCTS are hand-crafted and use a special plant based resin (so they can be healthier than the normal chemical-filled resin products), therefore you will see some imperfections on our resin-using products (all Chips which are used in Cell, Laptop, and Device Chips plus Regular & XL Bands)
  • Strength of this product:  This “regular” Band is great, especially for those under 4 feet tall.  The XL Band is stronger though, and it fits everyone.  Larger teens & adults are better off with the XL Band or XXL Card.
  • Soft & durable band.
  • An alternative way to wear it: The chip may be removed from the band and worn in your pocket as well.
  • For replacement bands or more colors choices after your purchase, you can go to Amazon and search for “Garmin Vivofit Jr. 3 Bands”
    For Example: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08V8KCWVH?pd_rd_i=B08V85N7V6&pd_rd_w=nUX2D&pf_rd_p=ee186ce0-6bf7-4893-85b9-f3368b019e0f&pd_rd_wg=jo02x&pf_rd_r=K37MD8MA8SG2ZK3ZQRMS&pd_rd_r=0c8d98cc-9275-4c34-a749-399f8c0a81f9&th=1
  • NOTE: The band does NOT need batteries or to be powered on. Its properties always work and increase automatically around EMFs.

(1) From results of EMF Solutions plus many of our Reps and Practitioners across the US.

XL Band’s Replacement Band

A super soft, smooth, and comfortable silicone black band made specifically to fit the XL Band.

Fits almost everyone from a small child to a larger adult (the band goes from 4.0″ to 9.0″ circumference for wrists or kids’ ankles).


(NOTE:  Does NOT come with the Chip or the Face of the XL Band.  This is only the band which holds those.)

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