The need for digital wellness and how to achieve it

The relationship between human beings and technology is far more complicated today than ever. The numerous latest advancements in science and technology like AI, 5G, virtual reality, IoT, etc only mean that even more of our time and energy will now be invested around digital spaces. 

We are certain that you are surrounded by more than one digital device even right now. Be it your room, workspace, car, public transport, schools, or colleges: you have a plethora of radiation from mobile phones, tablets, WiFi, laptops, Bluetooth, smartwatches, wireless headphones, mobile towers, and many more devices. From compulsively checking your phone for notifications to passively scrolling through social media, text messaging, online shopping, binge-watching tv shows, listening to music, and using google maps for communing, technology, and human beings are inseparable. It is almost impossible to be around a tech-free space in today’s digital times. 

It is time to reevaluate our relationship with technology. 

While technology has helped human beings evolve and minimize human effort, it is no breaking news that the EMF radiation emitted by digital devices has far more debilitating effects on the human body, cells, DNA, and mind. From sleep difficulties to fertility problems, from reduced concentration to a higher risk of heart attacks, from bad posture to crippled imagination in children, technology has had a significant impact on the productivity and health of people across all age groups. 

Many prestigious scientists & over 10,000 studies prove that EMFs are now beyond a severe epidemic that causes a significant percentage of diseases we now face. This is why digital wellness is becoming a top health trend in 2022. 

Digital wellbeing is a term used to define the impact of technologies and digital services on people’s mental, physical, social, and emotional health. Digital wellness is a way of life, living a healthy life- physically, emotionally, and mentally in the digital era. 

For those who do NOT have products that are proven on human cells to work… they might want to follow these helpful guidelines to achieve digital well-being: 

Try to switch off your devices at night and when not in use: mobile phones, laptops, wifi routers, Bluetooth, etc. 

Set your personal digital well-being goals. Install apps to monitor and control and reduce screen time to prevent over-usage and disable the devices the rest of the time.
If you have the ability to go outside and spend 20 to 30 minutes+ in bare feet or non-rubber soled shoes on the grass or ground to get rid of excess charges that can make things worse.
Sleep with your cell phone on either airplane mode or as far away as possible.
Keep Bluetooth and Wi-Fi devices OUT of the bedroom, such as baby monitors, Alexa or Google Home, Routers, Gaming Stations, Smart TVs (although when these are “off” they stop emitting microwaves), etc.

Do not sleep on an adjustable bed or any other bed that plugs into an outlet.
Most do not know but use no fans or ceiling fans, or at least keep the fans very far from the bed.
Limit your time with tech and spend more time with your family and friends or people you enjoy. Spending time with loved ones and close to nature can be an efficient way to minimize digital distractions

As harmful radiation emitted by these devices is one of the biggest threats to humans: make sure to place your home WiFi router at a safe distance from where you and your family spend the most time and some even replace the wireless network with a hardwired internet connection wherever possible (especially in places equipped with multiple devices such as computer labs)

“Disable” the Wi-Fi or Bluetooth on as many devices as you can. For example, EMF Solutions’ President, Cory Hillis, uses an MP3 Player during workouts and uses corded earphones BUT still has to “disable” the Bluetooth on the player so it does not emit Microwave Radiation. You can also do this for Wi-Fi printers that you use cords with, etc.

While these tricks and ways can come in handy to reduce the risk of harmful EMF radiation, they are not always possible to implement. That is where EMF protection products come in handy.

EMF health products come in various forms to suit your needs and work on all low-frequency EMFs including 5G. These products include the XL Band, Personal Cards, Room and Car harmonizers, Device Chips, and much more. These EMF protection products are easy to use and nearly completely eliminate radiation risk. EMF Solutions makes EMF remediation products for your cell phone, wireless devices, entire home, office, car, and body when on the go. Based on proven bio-energetic technology, EMF protection products are super unique in that they address the root cause of EMF issues and protect you from harmful radiation.

And EMF Solutions products are the only ones in the world to ever show that the cellular changes caused by EMFs are completely normalized… or fixed by using EMF Solutions’ products. See more on this on tabs called “EMF Education” and “How the Products Work” at

Digital wellness is the need of the hour, and EMF radiation protection is the only way forward.

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