Condo or Apartment Bundle


  • Includes 2 Room Harmonizers, 1 Better ZZZ’s, and 1 Device Chip
  • Comes with instructions.  Installs easily in a few minutes.
  • Remediates EMF issues including:  one Wi-Fi router, your electric “Smart” Meter, EMF’s from outside of home (ex: Cell Towers, powerlines, or neighbor’s Smart Meter), “dirty electricity” (between 4,000 to 100,000 Hz), one bed, and nearly all appliances inside of home including TV’s, CFL’s & other polarizing lights, refrigerator, etc.
  • For more beds get additional Better ZZZ’s and for more Wi-Fi devices (including a Playstation, Apple TV, Wi-Fi Direct TV, Wi-Fi printer, Baby Monitors, etc) get additional Device Chip(s).



Go to  then click the “Condo Bundle” box

YOU MAY DETOX – PLEASE READ: About 20 percent of those who remediate their home and their EMF emitting devices (cell phones, laptops, etc) experience a DETOX for a few days or so.  Those with current health issues such as auto-immune issues are often the most likely to detox.  Although this is a super positive sign of good things it can feel “icky”.   Please see the Detox Protocol Sheet (for advice on how to minimize or avoid this possibility) by going here


INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Look up Room Harmonizer, Device Chip, & Better ZZZ’s instructions … just click here –> Product Installation Instructions – ALL Products.
NOTE:  Everyone should opt for the Home Bundle NOT this Condo Bundle, unless it is a rare circumstance where you cannot access either the Electric (Smart) Meter or the Fuse Box.

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