How to protect yourself from 5G radiation?

Wireless technology is constantly evolving. About every ten years, technological companies introduce a new generation of wireless systems. Each generation is an improvement and a more advanced version of the previous generation. The introduction of 5G networks caused havoc among scientists. 

The backbone of 5G technology will be the use of higher frequency bandwidths throughout the radio spectrum. The principle of operation of 5G is to use higher frequencies in the electromagnetic spectrum or EMF. The frequency range is 3.5 GHz to tens of GHz. It is worth noting that electromagnetic frequencies are generated by anything that uses electricity, like microwaves, power lines, computers, etc. The electromagnetic field (EMF) is produced by electromagnetic radiation, which is produced by electrical current. 

Modern technologies are now bombarding us with lower frequency, artificial electromagnetic radiation at massive levels that people have never experienced until the last few years. This radiation is coming from wifi, cell towers, SCADA poles, high voltage power lines (above and below ground), transformers, cell phones, household electricity, electrical appliances, etc., and is said in thousands of papers and studies to be very harmful to the human body and mind. 

According to over 20,000 studies and scientific papers, household EMFs can cause many different symptoms and biological effects. 

Sleep disturbances
Concentration difficulties
Greater effects on children
Immune system imbalances
Evidence for Alzheimer’s disease
Evidence for cancer risks
A probably major cause of Autism
Lower melatonin production during sleep cycles,
Lower sperm count and other reproductive issues
Fatigue issues

There are also concerns that there may be more subtle effects, such as the link between long-term exposure and certain types of cancer. 

The question now is how does one protect themselves and their family from EMF hazards while ensuring they also get all the benefits of fast technology and 5G networks? 

Here are some simple solutions to protect yourself from 5G radiation

Use almost anything that you want because we believe that when used with our products that you are safe!  Our many studies have shown and proved this more than any other EMF Company in the world.  The owner and head inventor at EMF Solutions has a 5G Cell Phone, a strong Wi-Fi router, and allows his 2 year old daughter to play with a tablet BECAUSE IT HAS EMF SOLUTIONS PRODUCT (Laptop Chips) ON IT!  But here’s some advice for those who still want to cut back on EMF’s (which we almost never think it necessary):
You can also reduce the dependence on technology: Turn off your appliances when not in use. Limit your time around these devices, and try not to keep your phone in your pocket. Instead, please keep it in your purse. Use airplane mode on your devices as often as you can. This will reduce the effects of 5G, if not tackle it thoroughly. Do not sleep near any technological devices, and keep mobile phones, computers, routers, and other appliances away from your body, especially when asleep.
You can reduce automation: Ask yourself some simple questions: Do I need that smart refrigerator? Do I need a 5G-enabled smart toaster? How about a smart microwave? And a digital watch? The answer might be no. But we love technology so we are not really discouraging the use of it.  But if you couldn’t remediate EMF’s effectively you could try to cut down on any smart device you think might not prove to be an asset to you and your home. Choose the old school Incandescent over LED lights, regular watches instead of smartwatches, reduce smart home automation by manually controlling blinds, thermostats, and lights… turning off your digital clock when not in use and replacing cordless telephone devices with a standard corded telephone. It is very worthwhile to spend time and energy doing this.


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