iCell Chip


For iPhone models 12 & 13 & 14 (& other “MagSafe” iPhones)
The regular “Cell Chip” is for all other cell phones



  • Works better than any other on the market or your money back guarantee kicks in.
  • An average cell phone now measures well over 100 times what is considered safeby expert scientists (the over 4,000 studies at the  Phones usually measure well over 2,000 microwatt/m2 as soon as you turn them on… the “safe” levels determined at the BioInitiative are UNDER 30 mW/m2!!)
  • ALL OF OUR PRODUCTS are hand-crafted and use a special plant based resin (so they can be healthier than the normal chemical-filled resin products), therefore you will see some imperfections on our resin-using products (all Chips which are used in Cell, Laptop, Device Chips plus Regular & XL Bands).
  • iCell Chips require almost twice the amount of a totally different raw material and therefore these are THICKER than the regular Cell Chips.
  • HOW TO ATTACH:  Go to the INSTALLATION page for all info including where to put the chip, what types of cases work well with this, & more.
  • WARNING: DO NOT USE WITH CORDLESS CHARGERS – they could possibly heat up the metal circular discs (which looks like pennies) in our product – see Instruction Video for more details.
  • DO NOT USE WITH a Metal Plate Magnetic Cell Phone Holder!  See Instruction video.)


The new “MagSafe” iPhone 12 & 13 models contain new technology and must use this Chip (not the regular “Cell Chip”).  Any other future model iPhones (or if any other brands start using magnetic technology in their phones) then those phones would also need the “iCell Chip”.  All other cell phone models should use the regular “Cell Chip”.  Both chips work on both phones BUT using the correct chip is significantly more effective.

Dimension: 3.0″ x 1.0″ x 0.17″


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