What some Physicians think about Wi-Fi in Schools...might surprise you!

  • Carolina Lagos
  • December 01 , 2022

There is a wonderfully growing consensus among professionals that says that Wi-Fi should not be used in schools, not at all!  We (EMF Solutions) have lots of our own research on this subject and the famous retired British Naval Physicist, Dr Barrie Trower, said that “it is incredibly dangerous, incredibly stupid, and those who make those decisions should be put away in jail and locked up.”  That might sound a little extreme but when you read the damage that it can do to all people, especially for kids and even more so for unborn children, you might not think it is so extreme after all.

We invite you to visit this website which is the "Physicians for Safe Technology" which has many studies from all around the world to support their opinions.  How refreshing...people who are "following the science" then showing you the science as well.  The way it should be in every area, especially recent days!