Kentucky Derby Equine Deaths: Was EMF the Cause?

Dr Tenpenny has posted an article addressing the large amount of horse DEATHS which began happening just after the Kentucky Derby racetrack and training facilities have equipped their horses with multiple EMF-emitting devices. These devices are meant to track and train the horses and are often ironically called “Safe” or “Smart” in their names. As EMF Solutions’ President, Cory Hillis, often mentions, having metal in your body acts as an antenna for the subatomic chaos which EMFs cause. This can drastically increase the harmful effects of EMFs. Unfortunately horses tend to wear thick, heavy, metal shoes potentially adding greatly to the problems horses face around man-made EMFs.

This is a solid reminder for those who have metal in their bodies from an implant from a broken bone or for any other reason. Those with metal in their bodies should not only remediate ALL EMFs in their lives but should also talk to an EMF Solutions’ rep to figure out how and where to wear EMF protective devices on their bodies.

Studies back-up that EMFs affect humans, animals, and plants (and trees, etc).

Hopefully the horse owners, trainers, jockies, or someone involved in horse training will reach out to EMF Solutions. We’d love to help address this problem for the horses and would love more to have amazing results for these animals.

For the full, interesting article go to –>

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