Wifi radiation risks and how to avoid it.

To call wireless connection the lifeblood of today’s digital world would not be blowing it out of proportion. Wireless networking has become a way of life for the tech-savvy modern man who is always on the go. Whether you are checking in a hotel, restaurant, shopping mall, or cinema, the first thing you look out for is a stable WiFi connection. From giving network connectivity to entire cities to public places to universities and schools to hospitals to workplaces to your home, WiFi gives you the liberty to access the internet from just about anywhere in the world on all your devices.

While WiFi routers have revolutionized internet availability and have made life more convenient, efficient, and more accessible than ever, they have also brought us to the radar of life-threatening health problems like never before. In a world where your day begins and ends by checking your smartphone and where you are constantly glued to your T.V., laptop, or computer screens throughout the day, you are always surrounded by radio frequency (R.F.) radiations or electric and magnetic fields (EMF).

While high-energy ionizing radiations such as x-rays, gamma rays, or ultraviolet (U.V.) rays are infamous for causing direct damage to the body’s DNA and cells, the gradual albeit indirect damage caused by low-frequency non-ionizing EMFs produced by electronic devices such as microwave ovens, computers, cell phones, bluetooth devices, or WiFi routers is a lesser-known story. Various research studies prove that household EMFs lead to significant cellular changes that cause a myriad of bioeffects, including fatigue, insomnia, depression, headache, lower metabolism, autism, Alzheimer’s, reproductive issues, and even cancer. 

While in the current age of digitalization, avoiding WiFi devices stands almost next to impossible, we at EMF Solutions are here to educate you about the uncharted health risks of WiFi radiations and offer you ways through which you can minimize their adverse health effects.

How Can WiFi Radiations Harm You?

Ranging from 2.4 GHz band to 5 GHz band signals, WiFi produces various radiofrequency radiations creating electromagnetic fields. The process causes subatomic chaos, leading to molecules shaking in the environment. A similar upheaval occurs when these radiations come in direct contact with your body. Seeping into your skin and tissues, WiFi radiations increase the calcium levels in your cells, causing significant cellular and DNA damage. According to a 2011 study conducted by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), this cellular damage stands as the root cause behind the following symptoms and health risks spurred by EMFs:

Oxidative stress
Sperm/testicular damage
Neuropsychiatric changes
Cardiac changes
Blood pressure disruption
Damage to the immune system
Disruption in the development of teeth
Organ dysfunction
Endocrine changes
Melatonin lowering
Sleep disruption
Growth in obesity
Hormonal changes
Neurodegenerative diseases

WiFi EMF Protection: Ways to minimize the health risks

Invisible to the naked eye and all-pervasive in nature, EMFs are present in every nook and corner of today’s digital world. Here’s something that surprises some people to hear – EMF Solutions is not at all against this technology. We love it but feel it must be remediated properly. If you use the appropriate products in the correct way… you do NOT need to:

Avoid having a Wi-Fi Router
Create a large distance between you and a Wi-Fi Router
When using a Device Chip on your Router, we still do suggest:
Keeping it out of and away from any bedroom or sleeping areas
Not putting it onto or next to a metal table, shelf, or anything else metal

Not forgetting to also address any Wi-Fi extenders (which are often just as bad as the routers themselves)

See our advice on all of the other strong Wi-Fi or Bluetooth devices that should also be addressed and remediated

We offer holistic and proven solutions based on bio-energetic technology that address the root cause of EMF issues, i.e., calcium channel manipulation which has been shown by scientists to cause cellular damage and more. Our products help you restore and normalize the calcium changes in your cells caused by WiFi radiations. You can remediate your EMF’s by installing our different types of chips in cell phones, laptops, and other wireless devices, wearing EMF Bands or Personal Cards, and investing in home and room harmonizers to safeguard yourself and your family against the onslaught of harmful radiations. EMF Solutions is your answer to safe and smart digitalization without compromising the well-being of your family. Equip your standard WiFi router with our EMF products now for a healthier, more efficient, and symptom-free digital life!

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